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SAP Leonardo is a holistic digital innovation system that

seamlessly integrates future-facing technologies and

capabilities into the SAP Cloud Platform, using our Design

Thinking Services. SAP Leonardo encompasses a powerful

portfolio, from Machine Learning, Blockchain, to Internet of

Things (IoT) and other emerging technology capabilities, to

enable you to rapidly innovate, scale new models, and

continually redefine your business.

This SAP Leonardo webinar series focuses on IoT and provides

listeners with the opportunity to learn about SAP Leonardo and

the Internet of Things from a number of perspectives. The

series should encourage a rethinking of business processes to

be able to collect massive amounts of sensor information, to

process these into meaningful insights, and to create

breakthrough outcomes for businesses,


shareholder value on the back of increased profitability, higher

revenue, eliminated cost, rabidly loyal customers and

massively engaged employees.